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"Nature's 3rd Eye" Flax Mixed Media Sketch Book 5"x 6" with a W.G.S. Belgian Binding 


Nature's 3rd Eye is a hardcover medium-small book crafted with a special paper given to me by a dear friend and mentor from her travels in Thailand. The front cover is adorned with elephant beads I found after hearing of all her adventures. Elephants, wisdom, vibrant culture, and my dear friend have many commonalities you find in the best parts of life.


This Sketch Book was crafted with a W.G.S. in-house alteration of the Belgian Binding, where the floating spine is still floating but is stabilized and stationary. This is the first book to be crafted with this binding at Wise Goat Studios! The interior pages lay flat when open giving more time to art, and less to the paper wrestle. 


There are 32 Flax mixed media pages ideal for a variety of mediums i.e. watercolor, pastel, pencil, etc. I recommend feeling the pages before starting to find the best page for the medium you want at any moment, the handmade aspect means that some papers may be thicker than others.  



Every cover is 100% Unique and cannot be replicated exactly as the paper is limited to what materials I have available and can source. Therefore, each book is 100% one of a kind.

"Nature's 3rd Eye" Flax Mixed Media Sketch Book 5"x 6" W.G.S. Belgian Binding

  • Nature's 3rd Eye:
    32 pg 

    Binding Style:
    W.G.S. Belgian Binding

    5" x 6"

    Handmade Paper (Locally Sourced in Santa Fe, NM)
    Handmade Paper from Thailand
    Papeterie Saint-Armand Flax-based Handmade Paper from Montreal
    Cotton DMC Floss
    Elephant Beads

  • All sales are final. No returns are accepted.

    Injured books can be sent back to Wise Goat Studios for repair depending on the injury. Repair needs vary, so please contact Wise Goat Studios LLC via email, including images of damage, to get a diagnosis from W.G.S. before sending the book in for repairs. Repairs cost materials used and time spent wich may vary.

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