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Wise Goat Studios LLC was formed to create and explore the boundaries of functional art, craft, and design. The Studio currently makes Coloring Books, Sketchbooks, Relief Print Artwork, and Graphic Design projects. Asking questions to achieve design solutions from the depths of the mind into reality. 


Excitement is brewing for each new idea and all the creative ventures that will be explored!


What does it mean to be a book?

What connections are worth capturing in graphic space?

What stories are important to tell?

Wise Goat Studios started in the Spring of 2022 in Santa Fe New Mexico. 

Check in occasionally to see what's new in the Studio! 


Follow Wise Goat Studios on Instagram and Facebook for a glimpse into the window.


Welcome to the mind of Sage Graham.


Sage Graham

Sage has been holding an artistic medium in her hand since she was old enough to make. Through a Waldorf education for her grade and middle school years, she learned a vast variety of mediums, techniques, and processes. High school continued the study of the Arts, refining skills and discovering an outpouring of geometric patterns that continue to surface and have since transformed into the "Illusion & Tranquility" Coloring Books. Higher Education lead Sage to pursue Visual Communications, Studio Arts & Anthropology at Northern Arizona University from 2017 - 2021, where the seeds for the passion and the knowledge to make the work you see were planted.


Art Show Events


Cathedral Park
Santa Fe NM

July 22nd - 23rd

September  23rd - 24th

Sep. - Oct.   30th -1st


10 am - 5 pm


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