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Illusion & Tranquility 8.5"x10" Geometric Coloring Book with a unique Citrus Sunflower Cover Design. 



This cover series is a play on abstract thinking. The designs explore color, direction, and visual language for the 8.5" x 10" book and the smaller 7.5" version. Inspiration came from the thought and impressions of Summer.  The binding is a Belgian Binding, meaning that the spine is floating and the interior pages lay flat!


This coloring book is Part 1 in the coloring book series produced here at Wise Goat Studios. All designs are hand drawn by Sage Graham. Welcome to the mind of an artist.


Each design in this book has hidden visuals that come to life depending on how they are colored. Since everyone sees life differently, each page brings something new into perspective. Finding your pattern within these pages is a calming adventure of the imagination.



All coloring books come with a cardstock bleed sheet to be reused throughout each book.  Every cover is 100% Unique and cannot be replicated exactly as the paper is limited to what I have available and can source. 

"Illusion & Tranquility - Citrus Sunflower" 8.5"x10" Geometric Coloring Book

SKU: ITCS2-8x10
  • Illusion & Tranquility:
    Part 1
    30 Originally Hand-drawn Patterns by Sage Graham

    Binding Style:
    Secret Belgian Binding

    8.5" x 10"

    Handmade Paper (sourced locally in Santa Fe NM)
    Cotton DMC Floss

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    Injured books can be sent back to Wise Goat Studios for repair depending on the injury. Repair needs vary, so please contact Wise Goat Studios LLC via email, including images of damage, to get a diagnosis from W.G.S. before sending the book in for repairs. Repairs cost materials used and time spent wich may vary.

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