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"Feelin Crabby" 12"x 9" Traditional Black & White Original Relief Print Series, Limited Edition


Studying Van Goph I found a painting, "Crab on Its Back" one of his last works, and was struck with the idea of turning brushstrokes into print form, it stood out amongst his other works. Each different texture is a representation of the master version's paint texture, playing with line and weight. Van Goph was inspired by a Japanese print, which made me want to explore and transform his vision back to black & white. 


Crafted from carving into linoleum. Printed using traditional Gamblin relief ink, gauges, and Japanese rice paper.  This series was produced using a hand-operated Etching Press.


Original Limited Edition of 10, sold individually.

"Feelin Crabby" Relief Print Original, Limited Edition

  • Feelin Crabby:
    Limited Edition of 10

    Print Type:
    Traditional Black & White Relief Print
    Printed with Etching Press

    12" x  9"

    Japanese Rice Paper (acid-free)
    Gamblin Traditional Relief Black Ink

  • All sales are final. No returns are accepted.

    Injured books can be sent back to Wise Goat Studios for repair depending on the injury. Repair needs vary, so please email Wise Goat Studios LLC, including images of damage, to get a diagnosis from W.G.S. before sending the book in for repairs. Repairs cost materials used and time spent which may vary.

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